"Describe to me the route you traveled from the door of your parental home to the bed where you slept as a child." I asked this question to people who, for some reason, lost their parental home. I created a mental space in which five characters wander around and find home in their dreams.

Listen to a self-chosen path! Start (with your cursor or indexfinger) at one of the names and draw a line, passing through any number of intersections, to a bedroom!

The dream of Marleen is based on my conversation with a woman in whose house fire broke out, so that everything was covered with a layer of soot. She told me that the mirror in the hallway, a week before the fatal fire, suddenly showed a crack.

The dream of Tamta is based on my conversation with a Jewish girl who, during the civil war in Georgia in 1993, had to flee from her home. Twenty-three years later she returned. The house was sold and she could not enter it anymore.

Corre's dream is based on my conversation with a woman who had to sell the house of her elderly parents, so that she eventually could not fulfill her mother's wish to scatter her ashes under the weeping willow in the garden.

The dream of Yorick is based on my conversation with a boy who a few years ago found his mother dead in the bath after a CO poisoning. He told me that the advantage of losing your mother is that you cannot lose her again.

Pieter's dream is based on my conversation with a boy whose parents divorced. After the death of his father he returned to his parental home. He saw that his father had built up a huge collection of key chains, a practice they had started together when he was a boy.

Concept, text and editing:
Maud Vanhauwaert (
Ibo Ibelings (
Italian translation and voice:
Antonio De Sortis
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